Tornado Fixings have the right type of construction fasteners and fixings for the right type of job - no nonsense accessories for the no nonsense professional.

Tornado Fixings offer a full range of power tool accessories from steel fasteners and concrete fixings to drill bits and construction nails.

Popular power tool accessories in the Tornado range include through bolts (t bolts/rawl), drop-in anchors, loose bolts, speed plugs (jet screws), shot fired nails, frame screws, hammer fixings, SDS max and other drill bits - the list is endless. Add to that the Rapide range of universal nail/brad and fuel packs for gas powered tools, and your 'no nonsense' choice is complete.


Tornado is a supplier of a range of masonry and light-duty anchors. These include:

Masonry Anchors

  • through bolt (t bolts/rawl)
  • sleeve anchor
  • wedge anchor
  • shield anchor
  • shields, hook, eye and scaffold ring bolts
  • capsule anchors
  • resin anchor
  • wirehangers

Light-Duty Anchors

  • frame anchors
  • hammer plugs
  • plastic plugs
  • speed plugs
  • cavity fixings