Tornado Fixings have the right cartridge tool for medium-duty fastenings - no nonsense!

The EXP88 Cartridge Tool from Tornado Fixings is the multi-purpose cartridge tool for a wide range of shot fire applications.

The EXP88 Gas Powered cartridge tool with nail gun nails



This Power Activated Tool (PAT) is the multi-purpose cartridge tool for professionals, using a wide range of pins and nail gun nails. The EXP88 cartridge tool is used on all types of construction materials (steel fasteners, concrete fixings, brick-ties, etc). and is the professional's choice for peace of mind performance.

It's Power Regulator and Automatic Cartridge Advance System combine to maximize operator safety, and with it's built-in 'Silencer' for noise reduction and an integral Loading Device for ease of use, the EXP88 cartridge tool is one of the more convenient, quieter and safer cartridge tools to handle in the power tools uk marketplace.

Product training and certification is available on request.